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This was inevitable. No Boston-based blogger can resist a chance to rag on local drivers, pedestrians and/or cyclists. So here is my near-death experience of the week.
I was walking down Charles Street last Friday when the lights at the corner turned red and yellow. So I started to cross the street. A red VW speeding […]

dust to dust


I returned from my lunch time walk today with grass stains on the knees of my pants. I’m posting these pictures by way of explanation. Ahem. These headstones are in a cemetery in North Cambridge.

Many of the headstones are marble, which doesn’t hold up well in this climate.
This is my favorite. Gravestones often exaggerate the […]

city symphonies


The Harvard Film Archive has wonderfully inventive programming. We used to go more often, before inertia took hold and we couldn’t resist the lure of the Comfy Chair. But Monday night’s program sounded intriguing so John and I went to the cinema. Culture! On a school night!
The program, part of a summer-long series Eight Weeks […]

The news this morning about the potential terrorist attacks in Britain was very sobering. John flew out of Heathrow airport last Saturday on his way home to Boston. I’m glad to have him here in one piece.
And here’s what he brought back.

Four Harry Potter books in Dutch (this might just kill that whole I-think-I’ll-learn-Dutch thing), […]

identity theft?


This is what happens when those pesky internet tubes get full and everything gets munged up.
The other day at lunchtime I was accidentally googling myself (oh right, like that’s never happened to you) and I came across this.

The website is
It’s in Farsi, so I have no idea what it’s about. It seems to be […]

a view


Apparently August 3rd was blogger beefcake day. First Franklin (scroll down), then Ray. (Ray must have had a change of heart about that much exposure. Thank god for browser cache.) I didn’t get that particular memo, so I’ll be leaving my shirt on.
In compensation, here’s the view from my office. Well, not so much office […]

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