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Sheesh, that’s the lamest attempt at a pun that I’ve ever seen. If it’s even a pun. I blame it on too many leftover fun-size candy bars.
Moving along… my sister entered “Leo Leaves”, the quilt we saw a few posts ago (detail at left), in another show. It was on exhibition only, not judged, but […]

rhinebeck 2


I bought only one skein of yarn at Rhinebeck, with the hope that it would match some yarn I bought at the Chilmark flea market on Martha’s Vineyard. I thought back then that I had enough for a sweater, but I mis-judged and the sweater (under the yarn) has been sleeveless for about 15 years. […]



This past weekend John and I went to Rhinebeck. I know you’re thinking “Oh, what a quaint olde New England village”. And it is that. For all I know, it may also be a floor wax and a dessert topping, but at this time of year Rhinebeck is a code word for the New York […]

I’ve been rather busy lately, so there’s a lot to catch up on. Let’s start with the geeky stuff.
Last month I went to an EclipseWorld conference. Eclipse is an open source framework or platform for developing software applications and, because the conference was here in Cambridge, the company I work for agreed to foot the […]

An advance scout was spotted in North Cambridge. Can the Golden Horde be far behind?

He’s on the roof of a building near my office. If he’s looking for a job, we have openings for anyone with knowledge of IBM mainframe OS internals, which is in fact a skill set from another century.

John and Potter practising […]

One more time


The last blog on this site expired of natural causes years ago but, encouraged by my niece’s foray into the blogosphere and my recent addiction to blogs about, of all things, knitting, I thought I’d switch blog software and try again. As anyone in the software industry knows, a change of product is the solution […]

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