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The news this morning about the potential terrorist attacks in Britain was very sobering. John flew out of Heathrow airport last Saturday on his way home to Boston. I’m glad to have him here in one piece.
And here’s what he brought back.

Four Harry Potter books in Dutch (this might just kill that whole I-think-I’ll-learn-Dutch thing), […]

identity theft?


This is what happens when those pesky internet tubes get full and everything gets munged up.
The other day at lunchtime I was accidentally googling myself (oh right, like that’s never happened to you) and I came across this.

The website is
It’s in Farsi, so I have no idea what it’s about. It seems to be […]

a view


Apparently August 3rd was blogger beefcake day. First Franklin (scroll down), then Ray. (Ray must have had a change of heart about that much exposure. Thank god for browser cache.) I didn’t get that particular memo, so I’ll be leaving my shirt on.
In compensation, here’s the view from my office. Well, not so much office […]

My clever plan to learn Dutch (or as the Dutch would say — Nederlands) involves reading translations of Harry Potter. I’m on book three, but I seem to have hit a plateau. I find myself filling in the meaning of the many two-letter words by gut instinct rather than actually learning what they mean so […]

This is a butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) in our meadow, or more accurately, given current weather patterns, our swamp.

This picture is brought to you through the miracle of the internet tubes.

Sam Allis, an astute observer of the local scene, writes in his column in last Sunday’s Boston Globe about his experience trying to obtain DSL service from Verizon, a service his neighbor has but that he was told, initially, was unavailable at his house. (I’d link to it but the Globe has an annoying sign-up […]

boston marriage


I’m not sure if this is the same all-female couple that graced the Public Garden pond last year, but I hope, what with the ongoing Massachusetts marriage debate, that they have been allowed to return. (That heap of sticks to the right is their nest — I guess they’re not into the whole gentrification thing.)

The […]

One more time


The last blog on this site expired of natural causes years ago but, encouraged by my niece’s foray into the blogosphere and my recent addiction to blogs about, of all things, knitting, I thought I’d switch blog software and try again. As anyone in the software industry knows, a change of product is the solution […]

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