100 things, eventually

  1. I don’t own a computer.
  2. I am a software developer.
  3. I also don’t own a cell phone, an iPod, a Blackberry or any other piece of battery-powered pocket cruft.
  4. I am a Gemini. I have no idea what that means.
  5. I’ve been to all of the former Soviet bloc countries except the three Baltic states.
  6. I’ve hitch-hiked across the US (up and down and side to side).
  7. I have hiked down one side of the Grand Canyon and up the other.
  8. I am moving toward veganism, although I don’t get the not-eating-honey bit.
  9. I am a good cook and have been known to prepare elaborate meals although I’m just as happy eating a peanut butter sandwich while reading about food. Less washing up too.
  10. I can’t dance.
  11. I play the piano and have played the oboe and percussion.
  12. I like both cats and dogs, but currently have only cats.
  13. I tend to procrastinate. (I’ll never get up to 100 things.)
  14. I like crossword puzzles and Sudoku.
  15. I find it very difficult to throw away anything that might be “useful in the future”.
  16. I drive a Prius, which recently replaced a VW Golf that I drove for 19 years.
  17. I’ve had two long-term relationships (besides the one with the Golf).
  18. And no short ones.
  19. I have no gaydar. Ellen Degeneres? Who knew? Who’s next? Lance Bass?
  20. On November 22, 1963, I was sitting in Mr. Hutter’s seventh-grade science class at James Madison Junior High in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  21. I have a degree in Slavic Linguistics but don’t ask me to tell you what past pluperfect means.
  22. I could, at one time, speak Russian. It’s been much easier to forget than it was to learn.
  23. I’m trying (sporadically) to learn Dutch.
  24. I know how to knit.
  25. I spent some time on a sort of a commune on an island in British Columbia.
  26. I have never broken a bone.
  27. I dislike high places.
  28. I’ve never been bowling.
  29. I like county fairs, especially the livestock and agricultural exhibits.