Dilla Gertrude Hardacker taught school in Appleton, Wisconsin in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. She left several diaries which chronicle her life inside and outside of the school house.

She boarded in Appleton during the school year and spent summers with her extended family -- her older sister Libbie and Libbie's husband Lute Mills -- in Greenville, a small farming community a few miles northwest of Appleton.

In transcribing the text, I have attempted to retain Dilla's punctuation and spacing. I had some trouble deciphering names and have standardized a few when I was sure of the identity of the person.

I will put up scans of some sample pages soon.

Bonus page! Dilla's expenses for the year.

I've divided the text into four sections. Start here or click on the months at the top of each page to read the diary.

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